“We may be unique, and individuals, but our habits are universal” – Marc Gusils Prax Statement & Chacun Son Café Manifesto

It’s the small things that count : how can simple behaviors change our planet. 

We are all responsible for the consequences of our acts. So far, nothing new. But being aware of this responsibility is being aware of the power that we have between our hands. 

The ocean is filled with plastics bags that are threatening for marine animals. We are seeing videos everyday of turtles strangled by plastic bags, birds poisoned after eating too many bottle caps. This is terrifying.

Plastic ocean pollution – plastic bag and rubbish floating in ocean.

The question is : how did we arrive to this point? How come all this plastic is now in the ocean? Who put it there? The answer is simple : it’s US. 

We never really wanted that, but day by days we have been neglecting. We didn’t realize that our habits and behaviors weren’t the right ones, and that during years and years. 

Now we know.

We know that every small action counts. We know that repeating a simple habit over and over again can have a strong impact. So let’s invert this. Lets turn this negative super power into a positive one. If our destructive force is united, we are capable of uniting a reconstructive force.

I’m taking the bet with Chacun Son Café. 

Every year, we are drinking 400 billion coffee cups in the world, with 2.5 billion in France. A small habit that, if not handled, can have very bad social and environmental consequences.

We can’t tolerate using non-recyclable materials nowadays, when eco-friendly solution exists. Plus they are often cheaper, have a better quality, pricing, and they are better in terms of environmental footprint. 

We can’t tolerate plastic cups, coffee pods and straws floating in the middle of the ocean. We can’t tolerate paying the producers the price they deserve to be paid. 

At Chacun Son Café, we are creating this reversed practice. With every coffee cup you drink, you create a small positive impact. 

With the One Cup One Cent credits program, we give one cent per coffee cup to producers in the Jinotega area in Nicaragua. One cent may seem like nothing. But when 2.5 billon or 400 billion drink one cup of coffee, it is huge. 

Since our birth in 2005, we refuse to sell coffee pods.

We proudly sell our coffee in plastic-free packagings, aluminum-free and bisphenol A-free. A coffee cap isn’t much, but 500 million caps are being consumed every year in France, and that creates 8 thousands tons of aluminum garbage per year, worldwide. 

It’s time to invert this power. The change is possible. We have it in our hands. 

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