Why am I against coffee pods? by Marc GUSILS, Chacun Son Café’s CEO

Coffee pods are 11% worldwide coffee sales, and the benefits should increase by 45% between now and 2020. When 2 billion coffees are being drunk every day in the world, this economical model is pure craziness for our planet. If we put all the coffee caps consumed in one year together, we could make ten trips around the earth. 


Would you drive a 30 tons truck to go to the office? Probably not, maybe it would be a little too much. So why does drinking one coffee has such a big impact? It is the same, it’s a little too much. 

The reason is simple : we don’t know the consequences of our actions. It’s quite new for humanity to realize that everything we do has an impact. Before, nothing really mattered, we thought everything was unlimited. 

But everyday, more than 2 billion coffees are being consumed. Knowing this number, it becomes obvious that this little habit has a huge environmental impact. 

We’re not naive, we know that companies are not going to solve humanity’s problem but they just want to make profit. It’s not wrong nor right. It is what it is. This is how humanity built its well-being, its prosperity. Until now, each try to find an alternative has failed. They sometimes were a total disaster, revealing the darkest side of humanity – I am thinking of communism. 

This is the reason why I believe in humanity. Not in businesses and markets, but in people and individuals. 

When i was a kid, my school’s director was a « Righteous ». What has she done for that? She simply didn’t accept what wasn’t acceptable. It definitely required some strong courage. 

It’s kind of the same question today, what can we individually do today to not accept what’s unacceptable? 

Plastic litter washed up on Watamu beach. Watamu, Kenya.

If we all adapt our requirements, then you might see a change with the companies’ behavior. We have to make a silent rebellion. Change our behaviors and give the right amount of information so that consumers can make their own choice knowing the consequences. 

Nobody wants to corrupt the next generations’ future. But nobody dares to make the change alone. We need to find this community feeling to find a common will and pleasure in that movement. It’s similar to going to the gym. Mentally, exercising alone in your apartment is a bit tough, that’s why we go in a gym or that some people hire a personal trainer. Can you see what we are ready to do so we don’t have to face effort on our own and alone? 

In my own way, I’m fighting coffee pods, with Chacun Son Café.

We are not posting fancy coffee cups on our social media but blog posts, we are questioning everything, offering debates : anything that would elevate our consciousness about this unique situation. I hope this will be smooth as a meet up and not a shock. The risk is high though. Let me remind you that there is only a 5 degrees difference between our era and the ice age. It’s hard to believe that 5 degrees is changing our planet, and having the capacity to think that is the most difficult thing to do. We don’t know how to handle this problem. Nobody was educated for that. 

In the 70’s, there was this classic movie called « La Tour Infernale ». What are the causes of this disaster? Well the entrepreneur wanted to go cheap on materials. We can tell ourselves that the tower today is the earth and the entrepreneur is our development system, extracting resources from the earth, such as petrol. No one is paying earth for this. 

We need to stop being predators for everything. It is something really new : we need to adapt. We know time is counted. But we don’t know what to do. 

So i’m militating for a path. I don’t think numbers can make people change behaviors.  We are still in this « early adopters » phase and we need to talk to those people to start creating communities, so that it can go viral. Look, if you don’t have a mobile phone, you are excluded. You are not part of society. This is being viral. Creating communities so big and popular that the ones that are not in this community feel excluded. Then, change is going to become real. 

Chacun Son Café is about the people that are not consuming coffee pods. The people that understood before anyone else that those don’t grow on trees. That we’re talking about a raw material that we can’t recycle, that needs sophisticated industrial manipulation, which means energetically consuming, on top of everything else. 

I’m convinced that our everyday habits are the keys of change, because there is no plan(et) B. 

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