Why you should commit to being eco-friendly as an entrepreneur – By Marc GUSILS, Chacun Son Café’s CEO.

It all started in 2005, when I came across this interesting project called « Chacun Son Café » (to be translated « To each its own coffee » ) and its idea to offer a alternative to coffee pods.

Pods are polluting, using non-recyclable materials making them go extinct, such as aluminium. It’s also not the best fit to the coffee market values. 



Coffee is sharing. Coffee is discovery. Coffee is also world of artisan roasters with their own traditional ways of roasting. 

So the idea came to me like it was obvious. I feel like a Paris citizen. I was born in Paris. I was placed very young in a boarding school, in the heart of protestantism. This is where I spent my entire education. Our school director was a « Righteous among the Nations », and I was raised in that environment where it wasn’t even possible to imagine accepting something that wasn’t right. 

Isn’t it what we are doing at the moment, killing everything alive? I’m not going to show you infinite numbers on biodiversity’s extinctions but it is quite alarming.


Galapagos sea lion (Zalophus californianus wollebaek) with plastic bag around its neck. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


In 2005, these topics weren’t trendy, only a few people were concerned about it. 

Unfortunately, our intuition was right. This is the biggest challenge humanity has ever had to face. We are going to need to change our habits and step out of our comfort zone. Politics will have to create new laws sooner or later. Our well-known abundant society is going to disappear. The reason is because it’s not compatible with what’s going on at the moment. 

Spending the first part of my professional life in the luxury industry made me realize that the real luxury isn’t to possess things, it’s not about getting a brand new hand bag or a new pair of shoes, but it’s to have access to what is essential, like pure air, clean water and raw materials as they are going to become rare in the next few years. 

Nowadays, there isn’t any reason to offer water bottled in plastic in a public place. In « public services » there is this idea of « service ». Don’t you think that water should be freely accessible to anyone in public areas, with fountains? Even more if that stops humans from using plastic? 

Coffee-wise, don’t you think that public administrations need to offer a clean consumption to our State? There are no valid excuses, the system that was using grains was cheaper, had better quality coffee and was totally eco-friendly. 



Except that all the coffees companies are keeping the same old ways, what’s a good reason not to change? I think it’s a necessity now. 

From my point of view, it’s a total vision change. There is no commitment from me, no sacrifice like it may seem. I like the time i’m living in, and to me this time is focused on our planet’s health, the climate change, the increasing number of inhabitants… it’s not a choice anymore. It’s survival. I am an entrepreneur trying to embrace my era. 

To support my cause and help to improve our consumption ways, you can share this public letter that I wrote to the Paris mayor, to your own mayor or city council. Just add @ with the name of your city or council. 

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